Thursday, 29 November 2012

Harty Ferry Road

After my recent visit to Sheppey, I hinted in the previous post that I fancy painting a beach scene.
I think I'm going to paint it in acrylics but I'm currently using them to paint a harp decoration (its to
be a surprise for the recipient). So in the mean time, I've taken up a suggestion from Sonia and painted
this quick watercolour of Harty Ferry Road; the road near Capel Fleet Raptor Watchpoint.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Moody Sheppey

 I still have some days holiday left to fit in by the end of this year so I decided to use one today and return to Sheppey. My highlight was visiting the RSPB raptor watchpoint - can there be a more 'arty' raptor watchpoint than this? However, I found that the wild birds and scenery outshone the  sculpture.

As the landscape here is so flat, the watchpoint is just a slightly raised area creating fine views of the surrounding marsh and farmland. I had a great time watching Marsh Harriers quartering the reeds and a Bearded Tit 'pinging' away in a nearby ditch. Three Buzzards were loping around the fields plus one 'ringtail' Hen Harrier and a couple of Kestrels. Redwings seem to be everywhere and in good numbers already this Winter and now plenty of Fieldfares are joining them.

 Dusk was moody but extremely windy so I found a sheltered spot beside some dense hedgerow and was rewarded by eight Marsh Harriers coming in to roost. On one occasion all eight were visible at the same time through my telescope - a fabulous sight!

Earlier in the day, I found this great piece of coastline - I think I feel another painting coming on.