Sunday, 26 May 2013

Back after a blogging break!

But why have I not had time to update my blog?
Here are some clues - a trip to Ikea?
Our van full of things ... including rhubarb??
a bungalow tucked away in North Norfolk???
Yes we have bought ourselves a secret little retreat!
In recent years it has become harder and harder to find somewhere we can stay for breaks etc. that we know will be fully adapted for our son Thomas' needs and located near to some of the places we love best. So when the opportunity presented itself for us to buy this bungalow, we snapped it up! 
But it has been hard work getting it ready for us to use. While Karen started on the cleaning, setting up furniture, tidying the garden etc ...
I had to start the new bungalow bird list!
The fantastic thing about this place is that we can set it up just how we need it. Such as installing this profiling bed which makes life so much more comfortable for Thomas when he's out of his wheelchair and easier for us to look after him without hurting our rather fragile backs! We will also be putting in a ceiling hoist and this weekend some of the doorways have been widened to make it even easier for Thomas to negotiate his way around.

Thomas' room looks cheerful but homely.
Even before starting any work, the bungalow already had some important features for us, including no carpets and a wet-room with a shower.
But another wonderful bonus is this lovely conservatory.
And the garden even has this perfect ramp up onto the lawn!
I made a little nursery bed just to 'heel-in' a few plants we've saved for it.
The bungalow is one of several on a driveway off this Loke ('Loke' is a Norfolk word for a small Lane). Beyond the Bungalow the Loke becomes this unmade track which we discovered is also a pretty footpath. 

One of the things that drew us to the bungalow was the beautiful view from the front.
It is also near to one of our all-time favourite birding locations.
It has an accessible board walk...
And amazing wildlife!!
Of course I couldn't resist finding a few moths there and was delighted with this Puss Moth...
Swallow Prominent...
and even a lovely Streamer on the front door!
As well as somewhere we can visit for regular weekends away, holidays etc. maybe when Thomas has finished at university he could make it his home?