Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Favourite Lunch-time Walk

My walks from the workshop this week were such a delight,
I thought I'd share some pictures - taken in 'walk order'.
From the workshop drive, I cross Tilburstow Hill Road and take the footpath opposite.
I was delighted this week, to flush two Red-legged Partridges - ages since I last saw some here.
I heard a Little Owl 'yapping' in the distance.

I then arrive at this view; I love the way the countryside disappears off into the distance.
These shots hint at this weeks typical April weather.
Showery (even hail at one point) and at other times, lovely sunshine with billowing clouds.
In the hedgerow behind, you can even see Buckthorn blossom just coming out. Below, it was nice to get a picture of the funny bunny with blue sky!

 These days, it seems there is always one or two Buzzards circling high around here. But my bird of the week was an unexpected Raven, located first by hearing its characteristic 'grok, grok' call. A short way up this tiny lane gives amazing views in all directions. ...
...including this very old cottage.
Along this footpath, which is quite elevated, I have fabulous views to the right
and pretty woodland on the left.

  The highlight for me at this time of year are the carpets of Bluebells. If you look back to 14th January, you will see Karen and I found one in flower - many months earlier than should be, but now is the right time and they are coming out in their thousands. Their blue colour has a superb tinge of lavender and over the next week or two, the sight will get evermore glorious!


The Wood Anemones are also beginning to appear.

I like the old and new combination of this.

If I were a horse, I couldn't wish to live in a more idyllic spot!

 Finally, the pathway returns to Tilburstow Hill Road and a short wander back down to the workshop...

 ...passing the pub on the way - sadly no time to stop!! Whenever any of us has a birthday (or any other excuse we can think of), this is inevitably where we find orselves.

Finally, I couldn't get a sunnier shot, but you can just see the workshop right in the middle.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Speed Carving!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend made this video of 'yours truly' carving a harp 'knuckle'. The time lapse makes it look as though I'd just downed several hundred Pepsis! Seriously though, I'm very pleased with the final result and I plan to make a link to it from our Pilgrim Harps website. Shaping the knuckle is a very satisfying task as for me, it's the point at which the neck/pillar part is fitted to the soundbox and it really starts to become a harp. Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Bunny for Easter?

This giant green bunny is on one of my favourite lunch time walks from the workshop and it always brings a smile to my face. If you click on the picture it should bring up a larger version and you might just be able to make out the stile I aim for. I can either cross it to walk up to surely one of the quietest lanes in Surrey (you even have to get out of the car to open a gate to drive part of it!) or I just sit for a short time on the stile before walking back to work. However, given the precarious location of this particular stile, I could end up with a giant sized 'currant' deposited on my head. You could say it's rather topical for this time of year but bunnies have very little to do with the real celebration of Easter. Though it hasn't escaped totally unscathed, I'm glad that Easter Day isn't quite as commercial as Christmas Day because to me it is even more important and the day with the most to celebrate. Happy Easter!