Sunday, 23 June 2013

Birch Sap Wine Bottled!

Last month, Anna helped me to 'rack-off' the Birch Sap wine.
This is simply syphoning the wine into another sterile demijohn to
leave the sediment behind. The sediment is a build-up of dead yeast cells;
if the wine is left too long on the sediment it can affect the final taste.

We took a final hydrometer reading which was virtually off the scale!
This means that almost all the sugar has been converted and the wine will be
'dry' and quite strong in alcohol. I'm not very keen on sweet white wine so this is
how I like it and the relatively high alcoholic content should mean that it will store well too :)

I read that the sediment makes a very good fertiliser so I rinsed the original demijohn
with water and poured it on my rhubarb outside the shed door.

As you can see, it was still quite hazy and the wine had to be left another month
to drop a second sediment. We also added some stabiliser to ensure that all
fermentation had finished to prevent it re-starting at a later date

So this evening, with the wine now crystal clear I was ready to syphon it into bottles.

It produced enough for 9 bottles and tasted great with quite an appealing
earthy yet citrous character. I think it will be perfect by Christmas - if it lasts that long!!

Friday, 14 June 2013

New Pilgrim Harps Blog!

At my company we have built up quite a good selection of the new harps we make. Consequently, we have decided to have a "Summer Harp Sale". The best way I could think of quickly uploading images and details of all the instruments was to create a Pilgrim Harps blog :) I have then created a link to it from the home-page 'news' area on our website - but of course, I thought my friends in 'blogland' might be interested to see it too? If so you can view it here

Here is a detail from one of the harps on our new blog.