Sunday, 4 January 2015

A painting for two special friends.

The two life-long friends in question are Gill and Robert. A few weeks ago Robert had a 'big' birthday and Gill (his wife) commissioned me to paint a picture for her to give him. I have to say that although it was a real privilege to be asked to do this, it also felt quite a responsibility.
One of Robert's great passions is the Bluebell Railway - the UK's first preserved standard gauge passenger railway. So I knew I wanted to paint a scene somewhere along this delightful railway-line.
But which bit to paint?? In recent years the railway has managed to achieve the major ambition of linking up with the main-line station at East Grinstead so I wanted to choose a view from this 'new' section.
I finally settled on this view - and as I stood on the bridge taking a few reference photographs I was thrilled to see this train pass below.
The carriages were being pulled along by one of their best known locomotives - 'Bluebell' - perfect!!
With canvasses I like to paint around the edges so they don't need a frame. Finally as a finishing touch, I couldn't resist adding a couple of moths - a Rosy Rustic (right) and a Brick (on a brick) which represent Roberts initials - RB. Here's to very many more years of special friendship Robert and Gill.