Friday, 14 June 2013

New Pilgrim Harps Blog!

At my company we have built up quite a good selection of the new harps we make. Consequently, we have decided to have a "Summer Harp Sale". The best way I could think of quickly uploading images and details of all the instruments was to create a Pilgrim Harps blog :) I have then created a link to it from the home-page 'news' area on our website - but of course, I thought my friends in 'blogland' might be interested to see it too? If so you can view it here

Here is a detail from one of the harps on our new blog.


  1. Great idea having a blog for them. Just taken a look...amazing work!

  2. Hi
    Amazing work with the harps.
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Dear Jerry, amazing works that really deserve to be admired!
    You did well to make known your ART with a new blog!
    I wish you beautiful days in your great outdoors!

  4. Hi Jerry your work is really beautiful

  5. Sorprendente esa mezcla de art nouveau y céltico en tus arpas, Jerry. El arpa era el instrumento de los bardos, ¿no?

  6. Thanks everyone - pleased to say it's going very, very well.