Friday, 24 January 2014

Christmas Remembered

No apologies for a little look back to Christmas -
it was so very enjoyable for us and I am feeling rather reluctant to forget it all!
Much of the fun was in the preparations - including making up our own hampers for presents from
some of the preserves and brews we had been compiling. 

Karen made several Christmas Cakes (including one for us of course!).

I filtered off my Sloe Gin infusion...

Sloe Gin gets even better with keeping so some of these have been stashed away for future years!

Homemade fudge - yummy!!

Karen found that these mixing bowls made great containers for all the goodies
and of course can be kept and used afterwards!

But the main reason why it was a little different for us this time
was that it was the first spent at our Norfolk retreat!

I was great fun decorating the place - my favourite was Anna's crocheted snowflake bunting.

Soon after we bought it we discovered that the bungalow was called Meadow View
and we enjoyed our Christmas lunch looking at the wonderful view.

Christmas lunch would not be complete without Christmas pudding...

... then letting it go down in front of the fire...

...or walking it off down the Loke.