Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Unforgettable Concert

The cover of the programme for last Wednesday's concert at Temple Church, London. Music of Life provide wonderful opportunities for young disabled musicians to experience the thrill of performing with seasoned professionals. Or in Thomas' case, hearing them perform his own composition.

Thomas' programme notes for the premiere of  'Aaronic Blessing'.

The acoustic here is reputed to be the best for choral music in London!

Temple Church was founded by the Knights Templar; it's amazing to think that people have worshipped here for over 850 years! It even escaped the great fire of London in 1666 by a matter of yards.
Thomas admitted to being quite nervous beforehand, especially as he had never heard his piece sung before - but he needn't have worried!

The choir (just beginning to walk in) were fantastic. They opened the concert with Handel's 'Zadok the Priest' and when they started singing we were 'blown away' by the stunning quality of sound. We were all thinking - wow they are going to sing Thomas music - can't wait! Actually we had to wait until the second half of the concert but it was so worth waiting for - it is impossible for me to put into words just how remarkable it was for all of us. The combination of the choir's immaculate sound, Thomas' incredibly moving music and the beautiful words  - it touched everyone there and is something we shall never, ever forget. We are all so very proud of him!


  1. this is wonderful. i can feel the pride in your post, as well as the spiritual moving you felt from this gift. :)

    1. Thanks TexWisGirl, yes it was very special