Sunday, 22 January 2012

Gatton Lake?

During last weeks' walk at Gatton, we were struck by the lake-like appearance of the frost in the shelter of this field. Though I may have over-emphasised it a bit here, it really was quite striking. The effect was caused by frost, shadow and sun. The frost in the shade was reflecting the intense blue sky and even a white 'shoreline' was created where the frost was emerging from the shadows before melting in the strong Winter sun.

Being in the foot of the North Downs, the sloping meadow beyond the stile is on very chalky soil and is a great spot for wildflowers, especially Orchids - a future post perhaps?


  1. Smashing water colour, Jerry. Very atmospheric and superb sense of depth.

  2. Thanks Graham, the Patch is probably almost in the background to the right. By the way, Thomas has been offered a place at Farnham already!(You may remember I was going to take him up to Sheppey but he's come out with a cold so we'll go in a few weeks).

  3. Brilliant news, well done Thomas.
    Sheppey is probably the last place to go with a cold, it can be pretty windy and cold there. Get well soon Thomas.