Tuesday, 17 January 2012

An Entertaining Walk

Here are some more shots from last Saturday. Most are self explanatory like this one! These (obviously illiterate) lorry drivers had clearly pitched up for the night in what they probably thought was a nice quiet place but found in the morning that they were completely stuck! They couldn't go forward as the route around the viewpoint was far too tight and they couldn't reverse back onto the road because of the traffic jam of cars coming up the narrow, one-way lane. We left them to it and got on with our stroll - and loved every minute.
The frosted shadow on the field behind was reflecting the
intense blue sky and looked just like a real lake.


  1. Interesting photo's Jerry. Like the Lorry bit!If only all these annoyances had their automatic come-uppences !!!!

  2. Yes Warren, there'd be a bit more fairness in life. It's a lovely view point on the North Downs but it's also very near the M25 and quite a lot of folk use it for a break and to buy a coffee - but not normally trucks!