Saturday, 14 January 2012

Seen an earlier Bluebell?

 Karen (who took most of the pictures on this post) and I enjoyed a nice walk up Reigate Hill this morning and on the way, as we were commenting on the emerging bluebells, Karen excalimed, "there's one in flower"! Further along she found this Campion flower too.

The morning certainly had a Spring-like feel; we heard a Great-spotted Woodpecker drumming and many birds were in full song including the Treecreeper on the side of this tree trunk. But it was also a walk of contrasts...

Contrasts of
light and dark,


things of nature

and things of man!


  1. In the past two weeks, I've seen hedge mustard and garlic mustard in flower and have heard of primrose and crocus already flowering. It will ber interesting to see what effect the recent unseasonal temperatures will have on the flora and fauna this spring. Jerry.

  2. Yes Graham, it's tempting to think Spring's almost here! But it was still -5.2 in the garden the other night and if Winter bites back, I guess that could in itself cause problems for wildlife and in the garden. As far as birding goes, Thomas has grounded himself but for good reason. He's been offered an interview at Farnham college to do Photography but it's this Wednesday; they'd only given him 2 weeks notice to prepare! I'll reward him with that visit to Sheppey Saturday.

  3. Good luck, Thomas. I hope it goes well for you.

  4. Such a beautiful place for painting. Truly lovely photos.

  5. Thanks Ruth, It's great to have inspiring places that we can walk to from our door - (just wish I could do it all the time).